Lithium Ion Battery

With the development of society, there are more and more products using batteries, ranging from cars to remote controls, and it will be difficult to move without batteries. For the battery market, from the current mainstream lead-acid batteries, it is gradually developing to lithium batteries with better performance and lifespan. Many lithium battery casings on the market are still made of metal. For lithium batteries with good sealing performance, good waterproof effect, convenient operation and low price
The demand for electric energy storage plastic enclosures is very urgent.

Energy storage integrated machine

Photovoltaic energy storage integrated machine is a device that integrates photovoltaic power generation system and energy storage system. Users can use photovoltaic power generation to directly supply power to their families for self-use, reduce the consumption of city electricity, and even completely rely on photovoltaic power generation to meet their own household electricity needs. In addition to having the same energy storage and backup functions, it can also obtain corresponding benefits through the surplus electricity grid and peak electricity price.

Home Energy Storage (Rack Mount)

The home energy storage system mainly stores the excess power generated by solar panels in the battery pack, which is convenient for the family to use at any time. During the day. When the sun is normal, the solar Photovoltaic modules generate more energy, which can be stored by batteries to ensure power at night or on another cloudy or rainy day. Also because the battery can optimize the use of electricity, it can ensure Ensure the effective operation of the entire family-style pure system. At the same time, if there is a sudden suspension of household electricity, for example, if the desktop computer drawings are not saved in time in the future, and the fresh food in the refrigerator melts,Potential for spoilage etc, but with a home energy storage system, it can provide continuity in such situations with extremely short response times.

Flexible And Convenient

Split design, flexible and convenient installation, not limited by floors.

Various Scenes

Adapt to a variety of scenarios, the product has a variety of patents.

Long life

Super long service life, strong after-sales service.

Safe And Reliable

Intelligent control, anti-leakage isolation "safety wall".

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We have a strong carp battery energy storage technology team to provide customers with one-stop solutions; we are the joint research and development unit of the carp battery energy storage project of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Xi’an Jiaotong University.

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Adhering to the value of “integrity and win-win”. Revolutionary innovation, hoping to become a model for the lithium battery industry

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Adhering to the value of “integrity and win-win”. Revolutionary innovation, hoping to become a model for the lithium battery industry



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